Stenner Virtual Concierge


Things You Can Delegate to Your Virtual Concierge

Time is the most valuable asset you have and hiring a Virtual Assistant will not only give you the time and ability to focus on higher-level tasks but it will also develop the trust between you and your VA. Your time is valuable and should be treated like so. Let us take over the responsibilities that were made to be delegated. Here is a list of tasks we can help with:


10-Hours per month $400

Perfect for the busy professional, families who need a little extra support for short on-going tasks or a part-time assistant.


20-Hours per month $700

For busy professionals who need help organizing and stealing their workday.


30 hours per month $960

For the busy professionals who need dedicated daily support to complete tasks that slow them down, so they can focus on what truly makes their business thrive.


Our concierge services are perfect for individuals who need assistance with travel and event planning, sourcing the perfect sporting event, theater tickets, flower orders, dinner reservations and many more services!

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